Melissa Milloway

Check Out These Hilarious Training Videos From The TTV Awards

A little over two weeks ago I travelled to New Orleans for Training Magazine's Online Learning Conference. I hadn't been to the Online Learning conference in two years but I already knew what I would be anticipating the most.

My favorite part of Training Mag's Online Learning Conference are the TTV (Top Training Video) Awards.

Here are my 3 favorite videos from the awards and check out all of the videos on Training Magazine's YouTube Channel.

The Vids


    Mnemnoic Nmagic had to be my favorite video of the awards show. I love how it's shot similarly to The Office. The video uses humor to really drive the point home about memory.

    The video is created by VitalSmarts and the description of the video reads: From the new 1-day Getting Things Done Training by VitalSmarts. Based on productivity guru David Allen's New York Times bestselling book, Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-free Productivity. This video makes it easy for trainers to teach a counter-intuitive lesson about our minds and memories: they’re meant for having ideas, not holding them.

  2. Game Show

    I thoroughly enjoyed the animated video on taking time off. Who knew learning about taking time off could ever be this funny? The small hilarious details in the video kept me paying close attention. Did you see that UFO teleport the airplane behind Clark's boss? Classic.

    The description on Game Show reads: Taking Time Off - Employees are often confused about how much time they get off for school events, family care or injury. Clear up any misconceptions they might have about taking time off with this game show parody.

  3. Compensation Conversation

    Last but not least, Compensation Conversation. I dig the format of this video, especially the omniscient narrator. There are some funny comments that draw you into the video but it doesn't go over the top.

See you next time, TTV Awards! Oh, and by the way, here's a recap of my favorite videos from the 2015 TTV Awards.

— Mel