Melissa Milloway

13 Funny 90s Reaction GIFs About Recording Voice Overs

Having to do voice overs is something I ~dread~.

I sometimes record voice overs for animated videos and screen recordings but thankfully it's not a huge part of my job. Whenever I do record a voice over, it's quite the trip. There are all kinds of emotional stages "Non" Voice Over Artists go through when recording voice overs, especially when you don't have a studio to record in.

Some of my favorite people in my learning network are Voice Over Artists. I really admire Voice Over Artists for their skills and talents. Creating a great voice over requires a lot of things to go right and skills.

In honor of all the Voice Over Artists out there, this post is dedicated to you! Here are all of the phases Non Voice Over Artists going through when recording (Okay, maybe the pros go through some of these too, at least every now and again. πŸ˜‰)

  1. When you get a new mic and tell all your colleagues.

  2. When you read over the script for the first time.

  3. You gotta prepare by testing it out first, you have a go to phrase like, "Testing 1,2 3…"

  4. You listen to your voice for the first time in awhile and you're like, "Is that what I really sound like?" ~cringe~

  5. Inevitably something sounds off in the recording but you push through.

  6. You finally hit record to officially record, "What was that?" "Was that a car?"

  7. You may accidentally curse or totally screw up a sentence, but you realize you can just edit it out.

  8. And then you reach the point in the script where you are like, "How do I even read this sentence?"

  9. Which leads into, "Is that even how you pronounce that word?"

  10. And then you realize your mistake and you're like "Dang, maybe I can just re-record that one word." "Nope, nope. I don’t even sound the same."

  11. You reflect back on the recording and you have second thoughts. "Maybe I sound too tired, do I?"

  12. Okay, I really got it this time. **Fire trucks pass by** **Ambulances sound off** **A crowd of laughing people walk by**

  13. But at some point it all comes together. You finally get a decent recording.

β€” Mel