Melissa Milloway

Download These Emoji Survey Sliders For Storyline 360/3

It's been awhile since I created anything in Storyline for the elearning community. My latest contribution are emoji survey sliders.

I was reading a post about unique sliders when I came across a mock up for emoji themed survey sliders. I figured that it would be a perfect project to build in Articulate Storyline 360/3.

I created two different files for the sliders. One for if you are using xAPI (not out of the box in Storyline) and one for if you are using Storyline's out of the box SCORM or xAPI capabilities. I also worked on the accessibility of the sliders by creating a way to tab on them to move the slider. The alt text for the sliders can be changed in the Tab Order of the project. The emoji were created with Material Icons and can be changed out for other icons.

Emoji slider

Want to check out one of the sliders?

Check it out by moving the slider, clicking, or use your tab keys to test tabbing accessibility

Tabbing on emoji slider

Single and Double Sliders for out of the box SCORM/xAPI


Use these sliders and publish for SCORM or Tin Can. There are two different survey screens. One is for a Pick One survey and the other is for a Pick Many survey. The Pick Many survey can only have up to 10 choices and the two sliders have a total of 8 chocies (4 per each slider). In order to add more sliders you will have to

Original File with Execute JavaScript Triggers for xAPI


The original file for the survey sliders is not created with survey form or results screen, therefore it can not be used for Storyline's out of the box SCORM or xAPI capabilities. A user of the original version may use it with their own xAPI functions and create more sliders.

— Mel