Melissa Milloway

The Big List Of Resources On UX

Last updated: 5/17/2019

Over the past few months I have been curating articles and resources to help me learn more about UX design.

UX is an important part of digital learning experiences. Good UX in learning can help remove barriers for our learners in navigating to the content they need and so much more. Join me on the next eLearning Guild Spotlight on UX Design on Aug 1.

Check out these UX sites for helpful articles

  1. Medium UX Design Publications

    Medium is one of the best places to find current UX design articles. This resource gives a list of plenty of them. A few of my favorites on the list are UX Planet, UX Power Tools, and UX Collective.

  2. Smashing Mag UX Articles

    Usually I get my best Smashing Mag articles through their Twitter but they've also got a pretty cool articles section on their site. Smashing Mag always has some top-notch articles on UX design. Be sure to check out some of their other topic areas in design too!

  3. Adobe Blog Creativity

    Adobe has an amazing design blog that covers a variety of topics in design. You may have to dig a bit for the UX articles but you're guaranteed to find gems along the way.

  4. Laws of UX

    Laws of UX is a collection of the maxims and principles that designers can consider when building user interfaces.

  5. UX Myths

    UX Myths is myth busting in the space of UX. Check out this list of myths.

  6. Designer News

    Designer News is a resource I view every day. It's curated content for designers that is updated daily. I usually view it from the Google Chrome Extension, Panda. It's by far one of my most valuable outlets for learning about design.

  7. Little Big Details

    Little Big Details is a curated collection of the finer details of design, updated every day.

Watch and listen with these videos and podcasts

  1. Wireframe Podcast

    Based on the name, you might think this podcast is about creating wireframes but it's not. Wireframe is a podcast about good design. Brought to you by Adobe and Gimlet Creative.

  2. Behance UX/UI Replays

    Behance has some of the best live streams and live stream replays on UX/UI. I love watching or listening to the videos while I'm working. I just pop it up on one of my other monitors and tune in when I can. Check out the YouTube video below for one of the latest Live Replays I have watched.

  3. My top 5 must-listen UX/UI podcasts

    I have to be honest. I haven't ever ~really~ gotten into podcasts but if I did it would be those that are on design. Check out this rad list of recommended UX/UI design podcasts.

UX Articles I love

I have a special folder for design articles and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. I have used these articles to help me make decisions and teach me about UX. When I have enough articles I may break them up into categories.

  1. Tiny Wins

    Tiny Wins is a MUST read. It is one of my all time favorite articles. It talks about how the smallest changes can make the biggest impact.

  2. Why letter casing is important to consider during design decisions

    This is an article I recently read, the title is pretty self explanitory. When should you use letter casing in design?


    I'm not an illustrator but I think this article is pretty eye opening in regards to the positives good illustration can bring to designs.

  4. How to Design Visual Cues for Better UX

    Visual cues may help you achieve goals in your design. This article outlines tips on creating visual cues and shares examples.

  5. Above The Fold

    Does content below the fold get the same amount of attention and action as content above the fold? Check out this collection of articles to learn more.

  6. How to Implement Inclusive Design in Your Organization

    Inclusive design is so important. That is all.

  7. The Role of Sounds in UX

    When I think about UX, I don't normally think about sound. Sound is an important element to consider in UX. When do you use sound, what sorts of sound do you use, and where can you find resources for sound?

  8. Creating Usability with Motion: The UX in Motion Manifesto

    Motion is more complicated than it would seem. Good motion design is something I am currently trying to build my skills in. This article is a good read on creating usability with motion.

  9. The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX

    This article shows best practices in motion design in UX. It's got tons of great examples of dos/don'ts and the reasoning behind them.

  10. Designing for accessibility is not that hard

    Check out these 7 ways you can help your team make your designs more accessible.

  11. The Most Important Rule in UX Design that Everyone Breaks

    Learn about why Miller's Law is so important.

  12. Level up for UX: Design lessons from video games

    Personlization of experiences, rewards, competition and more. Those are just a few of the things this article covers in what we can learn about UX from games.

  13. Tips for designers to become better copywriters, from the experts: Part 1

    Writing great copy can be hard. This series of articles will help you on that journey.

  14. Designing UIs with trust in mind

    As designers we should be creating designs that our users can trust. Check out these tips for creating trustworthy designs.


    What are personas and what are jobs to be done? Learn more about both, how they'll benefit you, and see some examples.

  16. The Squint Test: Making Your Design Better Since Today (UI Case Study)

    The squint test has been one of my favorite articles. I don't want to give it away but it's worth a read and also a fun activity.

  17. The Aesthetic-Usability Effect: Why beautiful-looking products are preferred over usable-but-not-beautiful ones.

    Aesthetic designs are perceived as easier to use than less-aesthetic designs.

— Mel