Melissa Milloway

10 Funny Reaction GIFs About Being An Instructional Designer

My new site is finally up, so I figured I would write a fun post in order to celebrate.

As I was walking home from work today, I reminisced about why I love being an Instructional Designer. I was also thinking about all of the unique and funny situations many of us have in the field.

Therefore, I decided to bestow the field with this reaction GIF post on 10 funny reactions GIFs about being an Instructional Designer.

  1. β€œWhat's the hot new Instructional Design job title?” is a valid question.

    You are never sure what your job title should be. Is it Learning Experience Designer, Learning Architect, or Instructional Designer?

  2. We all have a 30 second elevator speech planned to explain what we do.

    Sometimes I even default to, β€œI create online learning experiences. Have you ever heard of Duolingo or … Well sort of like that.”

  3. When someone at a meetup mentions that they are an ID or you see it on the agenda.

    This is a very special moment; you immediately lock eyes with them and exchange information.

  4. You start using phrases in your personal life, like, β€œThat's bad user experience design.”

    My ID friends and I went on an outing and I remember one of my friends stating that the elevator buttons not being placed for a good user experience.

  5. When it comes to learning styles, DISC profile based learning, and generational style learnings, you are either a mythbuster or a proponent. You pick a side.

    Star Wars always wins.

  6. Going to a large conference might be the only time you meet other Instructional Designers outside of your company.

    When you do get to go, it's the best time ever and you totally geek out.

  7. You use a ton of industry jargon with your peers.

    β€œI threw some Execute JavaScript triggers on those buttons to send xAPI statements to our LRS.”

  8. You sometimes feel like the Swiss Pocket Knife of the corporate world.

    You can literally do everything from data analysis to graphic design and you love (mostly) every second of it. Variety is the spice of life!

  9. Looking at other Instructional Designer's portfolios, profiles, and blogs is an everyday activity.

    Tools and methodology in the field are always changing and we have to stay connected in order to keep up.

  10. Every time a design documentary or article is posted you're hoping Instructional Design is mentioned.

    Generally, we don't hear too much about our field outside of the field, but there's always that tinge of hope that we'll become a little less obscure; however, we secretly love that Instructional Design is a mystery to most people.

β€” Mel