Melissa Milloway

Create A 360° Image Virtual Reality Project In Under 10 Minutes

A few weeks ago, a learning and development colleague reached out to me about creating virtual reality experiences. During the 2017 Fall xAPI Cohort. I created a virtual reality experience that immerses individuals in locations around Seattle. I called it Scenes Around Seattle.

Creating virtual reality experiences is and can be super easy! Using A-Frame, you will be able to create virtual reality experiences for free in minutes. Yes, that's right, I said FOR FREE in mere minutes! So cool. 😎

First, what could you use 360° Image VR for in training? Here are some ideas:

  • Identify safety hazards (or really anything where context in a location helps users)
  • Create office tours for new hires
  • Branch out with branching narratives

Ready to create a VR experience? Here's what you'll need:

Time to try it out, you got this! 🎉

— Mel